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The Best Shave

The idea for this book stemmed from talking to a young man with an extreme case of ingrown hairs (razor bumps). It was clear he didn’t know how to shave or treat his problem.  After sitting down with him, he told me all about his routine – how his mother bought him a pack of 6 double-blade disposable razors that he had been using for about a year with soap and cold water. The Best Shavewas written to address shaving problems, laying out the proper way to shave. Best of all, it was written by a regular brother who understands the pain and problems men of color have to contend with when shaving.

I have seen and heard war stories from young boys and grown men who don’t have a clue on how to shave. They are looking for direction on how to achieve a pain-free shave. The Best Shaveaddresses the process of shaving, shaving products, treatments, razor bumps and the maintenance of the skin. The problem among African American and Hispanic men – dark skin men in general, for that matter – are ingrown hairs and/or razor bumps, known as Peseudofolliculitis Barbae, PFB for short (the medical term for razor bumps). This happens to men who have curved hair shafts. Often, after a very close shave, the pointed hair may curl back into the skin, piercing the wall of the hair follicle, causing a reaction that results in razor bumps. The Best Shavecontains all the information every male of color, who is of shaving age needs to know including how a man of color goes about attaining a perfect shave. If you are a young buck, or a seasoned professional shaver, yet still have problems or questions about the shaving process, this guide will answer all of your questions. 
If you love your face, treat it right. Treat it like you treat your girl — with tender love and care.

Garrett R. Fortner III is a native of Brooklyn, NY. He is the founder of New Word Media and publisher of New Word Magazine;theBoom Collective (a visual directory); M. Maintenance, an African-American men’s lifestyle magazine; and author of Let a Sista Knowand American Girls From Around the Way. 

American Girls

Publisher Garrett R. Fortner, founder of New Word Media, publisher of New Word Magazine; Boom A Visual Directory; Let a Sister Know; and The Best Shave; brings you his latest release, American Girls From Around the Way - a celebration of everyday women. AMERICAN GIRLS gives you a different look at these Afro-Latin Americans, showing a fun and sexy side you don't often see. AMERICAN GIRLS presents an aspect of the girl from around the way, the every day sister who you don't see in fashion magazines but on the A train going to work or taking their kids to school - they are just as fine and sexy as any super model. AMERICAN GIRLScaptures the flavor and essence of that around way girl. American GirlsFrom Around The Way, is a dazzling collection of black-and white-photographs--both intimate and revealing—it provides a small window into the world of women who reflect the African Diaspora but are born right here in the US. The faces and bodies--including nudes--of everyday women grace the pages of this lush book. Candid photos, which capture private moments with delicious spontaneity, provide a startling window into this world that has yet to be seen. More than a mere collection of photography, it’s the American girl from around the way. The inspirationfor this book was to produce a collection of photos with the sole purpose of inspiring and motivating the many photographers I have met over the years publishing New Word Magazine from 1990 to 2000. I have witnessed and befriended such a spectacular, talented group of photographers that much of the world has yet to see. As a publisher, I have often tried to get this group of talented men and women to publish their work and share it with the world. Most of them feel it can’t be done, it’s an overwhelming task, and they don’t have the time. Many of them are in their 40’s and 50’s without a retirement plan or a 401k to fall back on. Many of them have created a body of work that can take care of them comfortably in their later years. By creating AMERICAN GIRLSI’m showing and proving that a book like this can be done. My love for photography wants to see these great photographers publish their work. Let AMERICAN GIRLS be a beacon for them to follow and tangible proof that it can be done.