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Touched by Honey Combo Pack

Combo Pack $42.00
What better way to start your beard growing experience than with this Touched by Honey Starter pack? Pack is complete with the following:
Foaming Beard Wash 5oz- wash has been formulated to penetrate deep into your skin and beard to wash away all the dead skin while promoting healthy growth to your follicles
Beard oil 1oz - when rubbed into the skin after washing will encourage your skin to heal any blemishes, hair bumps and discoloration. Oil is used as a base for your natural progression to growth of your beard
Beard Butter 3oz- This is your final touch to creating an environment for growth and development of your beard. Place in beard and rub all the way down to the skin then brush your beard to create that high shine without being greasy. A little goes a long way. If you find that your beard feels overly oily, you are using too much.